We choreograph all of our students' programs as well as the programs of guesting students who wish to have choreography done.

Often times guesting students will have music selections ready for choreography, however we tend to select the music for our students or with them, that way we can highlight on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. We edit music programs with our own software and prefer to be able to work with the complete vision of what the music and choreography should be for a particular skater.

We choreographed the long program of Kyoko Ina and Jason Dungjen with which they won the 1997 US Nationals in pairs.

Contact us if you wish to discuss choreography.





Skating Competitions

We accompany our students to various competitions.  Competitions are the markers of the student's progress as well as the fruit of their hard work and/or the cause for inspiration to work harder.  It is our job as coaches to help manage the minds of our skaters, prepare them physically and support them through their performance. It is also our job to analyze the competitions and derive future working points from their results. The following are some components of a typical competition:

  • Off ice warm up
  • On ice warm up
  • Performance
  • Results
  • Judge's Feedback

Looking forward to great results this season!


Skate Sharpening

Alex has a sharpening office setup at home and we either take skates overnight or skates can be dropped off and picked up by appointment.

Alex has been sharpening skates for 16 years after picking up the skill while on tour with Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.  Being able to sharpen our own skates and those of our students has proved to be really useful as we know how each skater likes to have their skates sharpened and can ensure that the skates are sharpened in the trusted way prior to an important competition or performance.

If you would like to try out our ice skate sharpening, contact us.




Marina and Alex include off-ice training as a part of their figure skating school program for their skaters.  Off-ice training is physical training for strength and flexibility - necessary supplements for the complete skater.

For figure skaters in our competitive skating program, we hold off-ice training 2-3 times a week - a core requirement for the complete figure skater.

We focus on strengthening skating specific muscle groups.  We combine light weight training with cardio, pliometrics, core strengthening, components of yoga and agility training.  We also work on getting better rotation, explosiveness and landing jumps off ice.

We do this training in groups so that it is not expensive and more fun for the kids. We use medicine balls, running bands, jump ropes, benches and like to train outdoors when the weather permits and indoors in the winter. The kids enjoy relay races and mini competitions that inspire them to work hard and get better so they can grow as complete skaters on the ice.



Alex has worked with a few hockey players in the past helping them with skating technique,  stroking and edge work.